Life lessons from a new father

It’s been an interesting two days for me. On one hand, I’m sad because of the passing of my uncle. And on the other, I’m jubilant because a close friend of mine welcomed his first son into the world. Nothing … Continue reading “Life lessons from a new father”

Two different ways to achieve happiness

I know of two really good ways to achieve happiness. I’ve tried them both. And I’ll tell you right now, one is much better than the other. What are the two ways? The first is through ignorance, while the second … Continue reading “Two different ways to achieve happiness”

You want to know my biggest worry?

What’s my biggest worry? Money? It’s not money. I feel like there’s so much money floating around, and there’ll always be an opportunity to earn it if I’m resourceful enough. Success? It’s not the lack of success I’ve had with … Continue reading “You want to know my biggest worry?”

The seven elements of storytelling – how to tell it right

During these past few days, I’ve spent some time learning what makes a great story. And I came across something really useful that I would like to share with you. For me, this post serves two purposes. The first is … Continue reading “The seven elements of storytelling – how to tell it right”

The only productivity hack you need

I want to share with you a useful productivity hack I learned. There are some days when I feel really unproductive. Every task of mine, while necessary, doesn’t seem to contribute greatly to the larger goal. It’s times like these … Continue reading “The only productivity hack you need”

Humility is a powerful motivator

The biggest change I’ve seen in myself since finishing school is my humility. How ironic for me to realize how much I don’t know only after leaving school. But is humility really so important? In my opinion, yes. However, I … Continue reading “Humility is a powerful motivator”

Learning to disconnect…Do it to realize the benefits

Learning to disconnect is so important. But I don’t think we realize just how powerful its effects can be to your well-being. Let me give you an example. Some context For the next two weeks, my block of flats will … Continue reading “Learning to disconnect…Do it to realize the benefits”

First, you start…Then you worry about how to improve

This year, 2017, I learned how to start. It’s something easy to understand, yet difficult to practice. Let me give you some context. My commitment to New Year’s resolutions Every year, I give myself one resolution I have to complete, … Continue reading “First, you start…Then you worry about how to improve”

There are two kinds of jobs – which one are you in?

There are two kinds of jobs. There is the one you’re qualified for. And there is the one you aren’t. And within these two categories lie a myriad of other subsets. But the purpose of this article is to try … Continue reading “There are two kinds of jobs – which one are you in?”