Humility is a powerful motivator

The biggest change I’ve seen in myself since finishing school is my humility. How ironic for me to realize how much I don’t know only after leaving school.

But is humility really so important?

In my opinion, yes. However, I don’t think it’s for the reason commonly given.

The real benefit of humility

The conventional wisdom is that it’s important to be humble as a form of respect to others. It’s the reason why our parents would beat the living hell out of us if we made fun of someone who was let fortunate.

Yes. It is important to practice humility as a form of respect. I know that from first-hand experience.

When I was in primary school, I used to despise those who made an effort to point out how much better they were than me, mainly because my grades were shit.

Nevertheless, even though being humble is good manners, I don’t think it’s the most important reason at all.

For me, humility should be the impetus to be better. It is the knowledge that no matter how much I know, I’ll never be as wise as I ought to be.

In other words, I can only improve if I stay humble. Otherwise, there is no intrinsic incentive.

Sure I may think I’m smarter and better than someone else. I think it’s human nature to feel that way sometimes.

But true humility is acknowledging that while I may better than someone else, I can (and should) never be better than my future self.

My future self is what I should always be competing with. I must have the humility to know I’ll never be as good my future self.

This is my reminder to myself when I start to get complacent. And I hope it helps you stay humble and get better!

Life lesson: Humility has helped me achieve more than my hubris.

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