Be one step ahead before you lead the rest

Be one step ahead of your generation, and then lead them to where you are. That was the advice my boss gave to me today when I asked him how I could turn my blogging and vlogging into a business.

The reason behind it is simple. I know my target market. And as of now, it isn’t for the generation above mine. They wouldn’t be interested in the type of content I put out. Those who’ve done it would see me as a guy hustling to get his share of the pie. And those who haven’t would likely question my credentials.

Realistically, it is an endless and time-consuming pursuit.

My target audience

So really, my target audience should be those within my generation – and to a certain extent, the generations after mine.

But the question remains. How am I supposed to create a business when my mission is to inspire, instill hope and provide a blueprint for achieving one’s dreams?

What would incentivize my generation to subscribe to my business? Or to see it as something useful to them?

Lead only after you’ve taken the relatable risks

I suppose I was foolish to think that I could create a business around that if I have nothing to show for it.

And that was really the message from my boss. Either you achieve something or have proof that you’ve helped people achieve their goals.

Life Lesson: You can’t lead people unless you’re one step ahead of them in the same direction their heading.

So, my friends. Whether in business or life, do not seek to motivate people. Take the necessary risks, and then show people the way.

On that note. If you’re interested in going after your goals but don’t know how, well, I tell you how in this article.

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