Learning to disconnect…Do it to realize the benefits

Learning to disconnect is so important. But I don’t think we realize just how powerful its effects can be to your well-being. Let me give you an example.

Some context

For the next two weeks, my block of flats will be undergoing major renovations. Technically, we could still stay in our home during the night. But the amount of accumulated dust and dirt from the construction wouldn’t make it the ideal place to come back to after a busy day at work.

So my parents decided it would make sense for us to stay at my grandparent’s home since no one stays there anymore – they have both passed on. And since the house has been vacant for some time now, there isn’t any TV or internet access.

The result of a “total” disconnect

While I dreaded the idea of no internet access, I have grown to appreciate the ability to disconnect almost immediately. (Sure, I still have 4G access on my phone, but I would never use it because my data plan sucks!)

The home feels so peaceful. There is literally no form of stimulation beyond the conversations I have with my parents. No Netflix; no Facebook or Youtube; and no sudden inclination to check my emails because there is nothing else to do. A total screen freeze, if you will.

They say the radiation from all forms of technology is harmful. I can’t help but agree. Perhaps it’s psychological. But the air feels different. There is a calmness in the air I can’t quite explain. It almost feels like the only matter in the air is the concoction of gases that we inhale and exhale. It’s weird but oddly welcomed.

Honestly, it feels amazing without the distraction of technology. While I can’t explain the physical difference, I can definitely feel it. And it has prompted me to contemplate on my New Year’s resolution for next year.


What do you guys think?

But in the meantime, I will treasure this welcomed change that the freedom from technology has offered me.

Note to self: If you don’t control the technology’s schedule, it’ll control yours.

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