Life lessons from a new father

It’s been an interesting two days for me.

On one hand, I’m sad because of the passing of my uncle. And on the other, I’m jubilant because a close friend of mine welcomed his first son into the world. Nothing brings together the circle of life more than death and birth happening so close to each other.


I caught up with my friend after I went to see his newborn baby. We sat outside Starbucks as the sun began to make its way to the other side of the world. I was happy for him. But more than that, I was proud.

Here was a man who did everything he could to pursue his dream of being a pilot. It was all he talked about ever since I first got to know him back in 2003. He had many setbacks, but eventually, he made it.

And now he goes to work filled with gratitude because he is doing what he always dreamed of doing.

During our brief chat, he imparted some wisdom onto me. It’s a timely reminder as I begin the next chapter of my life. And I would like to share it with you because I really think you will benefit from it.

Why Giving Up Shouldn’t Be in Your Vocabulary

His baby came out of the womb with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. He was struggling for air, he had bruises on his face, and had to be transferred to the ICU.

But the nurse was reassuring. She told him that babies are born resilient to overcome issues such as these. And the lesson my friend got from that was simple.

We weren’t born with the idea that giving up was an option. Much of our infancy is spent surviving and adapting to the world. Giving up is something we learn as we experience failures in life. And to prevent another failure, we give up prematurely under the guise of impossibility.

Life lesson: Live like a baby. Do not hide behind the option of giving up. 

We Live in Service of Others

Everyone lives in service of others. The job of a pilot is to ferry passengers from one destination to another, just like a cab driver ferries a barista to his workplace. The barista then serves a coffee to the doctor who then delivers a baby to this world.

Life lesson: We all play an integral part in the functioning of our society. The sooner we realize that the less our perceived social status will matter, and the more willing we’ll be to pursue our passions.

Don’t Let Ambition Ruin the Journey

My friend told me about how there are pilots in his company complaining about how other airlines pay more and that they are always looking for the next opportunity to get a pay raise or work in a more prestigious airline.

Ambition is healthy. But I think you can be overly ambitious. And my friend explains it best when his colleagues ask him why he doesn’t think about all of this.

He says every minute he thinks about a better opportunity elsewhere is a minute taken away from enjoying the moment he’s in right now.

Life lesson: Don’t be too ambitious that you forget to enjoy the journey.


There you have it. Pearls of wisdom from a man who is ambitious enough to pursue his passion, humble enough to know that his job doesn’t dictate his value in this world, and grateful enough to realize that living in the moment is the most important thing in life.

I hope this helps you in your pursuits, my friends. If you enjoyed this post, maybe you’ll like my post on happiness.

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