The only productivity hack you need

I want to share with you a useful productivity hack I learned.

There are some days when I feel really unproductive. Every task of mine, while necessary, doesn’t seem to contribute greatly to the larger goal.

It’s times like these when I genuinely feel bad about being an employee. Not only am I being paid, but I’m entrusted to fulfill a certain function that I’m not entirely sure I’m adequate in.

So the question then becomes: What can I do that contributes effectively towards the business’s bottom line, no matter how small?

My own productivity hack

I’ve actually created a philosophy for myself when it comes to my own writing habits. Sometimes, I’m too lazy or am feeling uninspired to write. And it’s those times when I’ll ask myself…

What’s the least I can do?

I even made a video about it.

But it’s easy to forget my own advice when it doesn’t pertain to the problem it was originally intended for.

Nevertheless, I had to ask myself. What is the least I can do when I’m having an unproductive day to make sure I’m doing something positive for the business?

I had to ask myself that question yesterday.

While I’m confident in my ability to be a great employee, I wasn’t seeing the results that actually validated that conviction.

The best advice I’ve stumbled upon

So I scoured the internet for useful tips on how to overcome this situation, and I stumbled upon this video by Tim Ferriss.

Key takeaway from the video

The most useful tip from this video is this:

Which one of your tasks for the day, when checked off, will make everything else easier or irrelevant. 

So the next time you feel like you’re not contributing effectively to your ultimate goal or you’re having one of those MEH days, remember this advice.

Also. It’s okay to suck every once in a while. But to understand why, and how to reduce the impact of your suckiness is key to making you feel good about yourself.

I wish you all the productivity in the world, my friends! And here is an article on why humility is the best motivator.

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