Here are my 10 definitions of success

Being successful in life is very important to me. But for the longest time, I pegged my success to how others perceived it.

What a mistake! And I almost paid for it with my life. I’ve since recalibrated. And this is what I believe success to be.

Success is…

1) Not simply accomplishing your dream. It is knowing what your dream is and having the ability to pursue it.

2) The knowledge that you’re doing what you love, with love.

3) Not an accumulation of rewards. It is a feeling. And a change in thinking can make you successful every day.

4) When there are people who love and support you.

5) The one person whose life you helped improve.

6) Knowing that in the long term, it is cheaper to give than to receive.

7) The acceptance of failure without judgment.

8) Not a serious endeavour. It should be a playful one.

9) Knowing that you’ve left a good memory in the minds of those you left behind. But paradoxically knowing that it doesn’t matter because everyone eventually dies.

10) Knowing that you don’t matter as much as you think. Someone has come before you, and someone will come after you – and they will be equally capable of doing as much good and bad as you.

It’s important to define how you see success. There are so many metrics of success that society uses to define us. And that’s unavoidable.

But that doesn’t mean that you need to use those same metrics on yourself. After all, it’s YOUR life. So, it is especially important to not let the world define you.

And if you’re curious about what that would like, check out this article where James Baldwin articulates it perfectly.

I’d also be keen to know what your definitions of success are. What would make you feel successful? Or more importantly, what would make you feel fulfilled when you’re on your deathbed?