Life lessons from a new father

It’s been an interesting two days for me. On one hand, I’m sad because of the passing of my uncle. And on the other, I’m jubilant because a close friend of mine welcomed his first son into the world. Nothing … Continue reading “Life lessons from a new father”

Two different ways to achieve happiness

I know of two really good ways to achieve happiness. I’ve tried them both. And I’ll tell you right now, one is much better than the other. What are the two ways? The first is through ignorance, while the second … Continue reading “Two different ways to achieve happiness”

It’s better to seek acceptance than find happiness

After posting my video on depression, I’ve had some friends ask me if I’ve learned any tips on how to be happy and if I could share it with them. (The video is embedded at the end of this post.) … Continue reading “It’s better to seek acceptance than find happiness”