Don’t let the world qualify you

Don’t let the world qualify you. That was what I learned from an amazing documentary entitled I Am Not Your Negro – check out the trailer below. [embedyt][/embedyt] Coming from Singapore, I don’t usually have the opportunity to watch … Continue reading “Don’t let the world qualify you”

It doesn’t matter where the grass is greener

The grass is always greener is a phrase I often hear. It is said when we Complain about the tragedy of our current circumstance while simultaneously being afraid to change it Decide to take a leap of faith to greener … Continue reading “It doesn’t matter where the grass is greener”

Internal or External Motivation?

Ever wondered which is more important – internal or external motivation? Me too. But I firmly believe that how you choose to spend the majority of your time should be dictated by your internal motivations. If it comes from within … Continue reading “Internal or External Motivation?”