There are two kinds of jobs – which one are you in?

There are two kinds of jobs. There is the one you’re qualified for. And there is the one you aren’t. And within these two categories lie a myriad of other subsets.

But the purpose of this article is to try and define what you should be striving for depending on which category you fall under.

Of course, as with any article, I do not write it as an expert. I write it as a way to articulate my thoughts and bring about a discussion.

When you’re in a job you’re qualified for

I imagine you would be ecstatic. You’re doing something right up your alley. And that’s more than anyone could ask for, really.

So what should you be trying to achieve with it?

Well, I think that doing a job you’re qualified for makes you efficient. And when you’re efficient, you free up time you might not have otherwise had.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill set that gives you the opportunity to upsell yourself in the near future. Because in this day and age, you’re competing against skilled people and the likelihood of automation.

In other words, use the freed up time that comes with your efficiency to learning a complimentary or useful skill.

After all, you never know when you’ll have to upsell yourself.

When you’re in a job you’re NOT qualified for

Inevitably, there’ll come a time in your career when you’ll be in a job you’re not qualified for. Thank heavens you have the ability to oversell yourself!

Nevertheless, you don’t need to feel bad. Life is about creating those opportunities for yourself. But now it’s time to live up to your expectations.

Imagine you’re a sprinter who says you can run sub-10 seconds, even though you only run 11 seconds. In order to deliver on that promise, you’ll need hit the gym twice, the track three times, and the motivational tunes before races four times as much as the guy running sub-10.

I think you get the idea.

A position that you’re not qualified for is a great place to be. You just need to be VERY clear on how to get qualified and do everything you can to get there.


There are two kinds of jobs. There are the jobs you’re qualified for. And there are the ones you aren’t. But there are benefits to both. And to reap its rewards, you have to be clear on what you stand to gain from either.

Let me know if you agree or if you have anything to add. After all, I’m only speaking from personal experience.

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