You want to know my biggest worry?

What’s my biggest worry?


It’s not money. I feel like there’s so much money floating around, and there’ll always be an opportunity to earn it if I’m resourceful enough.


It’s not the lack of success I’ve had with regards to my ambitions. As long as everything I do leads me towards them then I’m more successful than I was the day before.


It’s definitely not love. Because the truth is in its simplicity. You get as much as you give.

My biggest worry

My biggest worry is my inability to maintain relationships. Apart from a handful of close friends, there’s few else I would go out of my way to maintain a relationship with.

I’m an introvert. But more than that, I prefer the solitude. I’m fine without family and friends for long periods of time. And while that’s fine with me, I know it doesn’t do any favours to the people I consider near and dear.

After all, in this world, relationships and networks matter. And I worry I’m not plugged into them.

I think I’m genuine, transparent, and honest (most of the time).

But it counts for nothing if I’m not there for the people I call my friends or family.

So says the quote from the book Into the Wild:

“Happiness [is] only real when shared”

The truth is, I can be the best version of me. But if I don’t share it, then what’s the point of being a part of the human race?i

I’m married now. And my biggest worry is if my preference for solitude will affect my relationship with my wife, and maybe my kids.

Over the years, I’ve learned to worry less. But the idea of relationships still irks me.

Nevertheless, if it’s any consolation, I know who I am. And that’s a great start. Now I have to be more intentional maintaining the relationship with the people closest to me.

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